'FoeDesigns'is a play off of our production theory, a homonymic name defining our inspirations and motivations...

'Foe Designs': an aggressive messaging system remixed (foe) into publicly accepted designs (faux).
All our products are home sweatshopped (we sweat, we'll send you some if you need proof) and under retail priced (we resist de$igner market value). All our products are sewn and screen printed to last and created to the best of our ability; everything we make is unique with errors, drips, extra stitches and love. We strive to work with only fair trade, second hand, salvaged and donated materials. We are attempting to embrace a reclamation of our lives by working to support ourselves with our ideas; through a lifestyle of self production we are resisting, and encouraging others to resist, the over production of large companies glutting the world market. Foe Designs is their enemy.

amBUSH 2004!
, Van Brunt Gallery, NYC; curated by Trong Nguyen. August 2004




Foe Designs is primarily associated with Heather Foe, Nick Designs
and the Beast.House.Ever, Brooklyn! established 2004
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